The world in our vision is where humans embrace a vegan ethic and practice compassion and respect for all species.

At USDAvocado, our goal is to make it fun and easy for our members to discover new vegan companies and shop vegan. Our team of vegan sleuths spend their days scouring online shops, festivals and stores for the very best vegan fashion products so we can bring them to you through our online marketplace. This store is designed to make you SMILE!

Now, we don’t just recommend any product, our plant-powered team designs every single product before sharing it with you. Know what that means? You can be confident that you’re buying the very best products for YOU and your FRIENDS, for the ENVIRONMENT, and for the ANIMALS and supporting the very best companies when you shop USDAvocado.

Our mission is to protect all animals from cruelty, to inspire change in the way society views and treats animals, and to promote COMPASSIONATE VEGAN LIVING.

USDAvocado also donates a portion of sales throughout the year to various organizations like Mercy For Animals, Rescue & Freedom Project, PETA, etc.